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About us

Millions of people worldwide suffer from Alcohol and drug dependency. Too often, society condemns them for crimes they are not responsible for any moral prejudice together with theories about addictive personalities prevent these people from obtaining the medical care they urgently need. Karunasai psycho park De-Addiction and mental health research institute were started as a venture of a team of the psychotherapist for the families of alcoholic and mentally ill person. This centre was established on 01-01-2001. It is a nonprofit service oriented welfare organization dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of retarded and alcohol and drug addicts. It is a treatment centre specially meant for mental illness, alcoholism and drug dependence. karunasai is the first De-Addition centre in Kerala to use Mind Fullness Based Cognitive Therapy(MBCT) as a treatment method. This 60 bedded centre offers services to a team of professionals, skilled in their area of specialization and are deeply committed to the centre. A comprehensive treatment facility covering both medical and psychological are provided at the centre. Our authentic experience is having over six thousand patients during the past ten years has strengthened our belief that addicts and mentally ill, when provided timely treatment and support can lead better lives.

Meet Our Doctors

  • Director

    Dr. L.R. Madhujan


Methods used for treatments

Karunasai has developed its own unique treatment method by refining and re- defining the conventional and lawful therapy methods. As a result rate of relapse is reduced in Kerala.

Karunasai is the first De-Addiction centre in the state to use Mind Fullness Based Cognitive Therapy as a treatment method.
Karunasai has used the inmates' possibilities of institutional therapy by creating a serene and green environment with a dynamic system. This empowers the treatment and influences the lives of many.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy is used as an effective measure to alleviate and cure many psychological problems of the alcoholics. Karunasai exercise its own refinements in the field of CBT.
Share success
In this method successful families assemble every month and share their stories and experiences with the inmates. Family members of inmates present their artistic talents before the inmates.
Task Therapy
In task therapy, we give simple takes to be done within a time limit such as fitting light fan etc, making tea, ironing clothes, connecting gas cylinder etc. It aims to the personality assessment of the inmate, and based on this suggestions are given to improve their personality and development.
Art Therapy
In art therapy inmates are grouped into three and each group selects a theme on which they develop their ideas and creativity which includes drawings, poetry, articles, stories, personal experiences etc on every Friday. The goal of this therapy is to enhance physical, mental and emotional well being of an individual.
Music therapy
The music covers the atmosphere of the centre always in a mild volume which helps in repairing the psychological and emotional damage.
Group therapy
Psychologists divide inmates into small groups based on certain criteria’s. Group discussions, role play, documentaries etc are given in group therapy.
Evening Assembly

Every evening, inmates present their own creative pieces through different ways. Celebrities participate and contribute their talents to these presentation sessions.


PRAPTHAM – It is an inspiring and motivating counselling programme for all areas of the society. SMILE TOGETHER – It’s a camp for children conduct in every second Saturday. MANOMEDHAM – A psychological quiz programme conducted in every year. BHASHA KOUSTHUBHAM – A Malayalam language and literature quiz programme conducted in every year. PSYCHOLOGY SEMINARS. MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAMMES. BE BRAVE – It’s a counselling and life skill education programme for adolescent girls. SAMMEEPYAM – A special caring programme for old age people. SWOROOPASAI – A free home programme for deserved recovery addicts. DARPANAM – It’s a meeting programme of wives of alcoholics in every second Saturday.

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