The centre offers a comprehensive inpatient treatment for the duration of minimum 30 days. During this period patient has to stay at this centre. The centre provides all the facilities necessary for the treatment programme including food. The service of a team of qualified, experienced and trained doctors, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, therapists and nursing staffs are available. When the physical condition of the patient stabilizes he is taken up for the psychological therapy. The psychological therapy includes psychoeducation, individual psychotherapy, group therapy relaxation therapy and recreational therapy. Individual care is given to each patient during therapy. The centre mainly focuses on De-Addiction treatment, Psychiatric Treatment, Psycho-Social Rehabilitation, Psychotherapy, Counseling and Training programme.

The basic mod of treatment is modern medicine. Ayurveda is also applied for external use. Besides of these systems individual counselling, group therapy, family counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy etc are applied. This treatment is more effective through morning assembly, evening assembly, monthly meeting of successful patients, task therapy, art therapy, music therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy etc.

Relaps Prevention programme (RPP)

This is a programme Developed by karunasai for the patients who have completed the course of treatment. The aim of the programme is to help patients to lead a sobriety life. At the time of discharge, the psychologists arrange the patients into three categories on the basis of their progress in treatment. First Category includes patients who have the high risk to get the relapse and they are provided with the red colour signal. The second category includes patients who have the moderate level of risk to get the relapse and are provided by the yellow colour and the last category includes those who have the very low level of risk and indicated by green colour. The programme in RPP includes Telephone communication therapy (TCT), Letter communication therapy (LCT), and home visit. The people with red colour group chart programme daily including LCT and TCT. For the yellow colour group, programmes are charted thrice in a weak and for the green colour, group programme is charted for once in a weak. In telephone communication therapy, the centre frequently contacts the patient through the telephone. People who communicate with patients include celebrities, peer educators well-known persons of their localities etc. The motive behind this is to have a continuous relationship with the centre and through their healthy relationship to lead a sober life.


Karunasai has a rehabilitation unit for psychiatric patients. This treatment is more effective through morning assembly, evening assembly, monthly meeting of successful patients, task therapy, art therapy, music therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy etc.


We are offering adolescent counselling for adults. Through this, we can change the negative attitudes of adults using CBT. It will help to develop their life skill.


The department is mainly providing inpatient &outpatient services. Inpatient service is mainly restricted to those patients who have a medical problem necessitating admission in a general hospital set up. In such situation, the patient will be admitted in single room/General ward without any close restriction with one bystander. Outpatient population mainly consists of two categories, those referred from other specialties of this hospital and those who attend the OPD directly. Along with medical management the department provides psychological treatments like Modern medicine, techniques relaxation, and behavior therapy for phobic disorders, guidance and counseling for adolescents, family counseling etc.


Addiction is a major cause of morbidity and mortality all over the world. At present scenario childrens are addicted to Alcohol, Tobacco (Nicotine), Illicit Drugs (Cannabis, Opium, Cocaine & Hallucinogens), Prescribed Medication (Benzodiazepines), Laxatives and Pain Medications. So, Karunasi planned to start a new division of de-addiction clinic for children to provide inpatients de-addiction services.

For this division we are planning to start with 25 Bed facility in separate building and growingly we will added the facility along with this.


1) Anti-narcotic counselling in schools and colleges 2) Anti narcotic awareness magic show in streets 3) Anti narcotic exhibition 4) GRAMEENA YATHRA – Anti narcotic programme in remote areas. 5) The anti-narcotic programme at tribal villages 6) Documentaries- killing drugs, problems of pan masala, alcoholism: a disease 7) Anti narcotic quiz competitions 8) Anti narcotic awareness classes, seminars and training programmes 9) Thump impression campaign


PRAPTHAM – It is an inspiring and motivating counselling programme for all areas of the society. SMILE TOGETHER – It’s a camp for children conduct in every second Saturday. MANOMEDHAM – A psychological quiz programme conducted in every year. BHASHA KOUSTHUBHAM – A Malayalam language and literature quiz programme conducted in every year. PSYCHOLOGY SEMINARS. MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAMMES. BE BRAVE – It’s a counselling and life skill education programme for adolescent girls. SAMMEEPYAM – A special caring programme for old age people. SWOROOPASAI – A free home programme for deserved recovery addicts. DARPANAM – It’s a meeting programme of wives of alcoholics in every second Saturday.